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Brilliant Estate Planning

We are now part of Legacy Guardians

The brilliant CiCi has taken a change in career and handed over Brilliant Estate Planning to Vikki and the team at Legacy Guardians. Rest assured the service is the same friendly approachable estate planning you would expect. If you need anything at all please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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What would happen if you fell ill or passed away?

Don’t leave your family to scramble together your important documents.
Our Guardians will help you get together the correct documents and systems to enable worry free transition of Generational Wealth.

Don’t waste any more time let our Guardians guide you.

How are we Different?

We are not just a Will Writer or Estate Planner. With the increasing digitisation of documents and financial systems it’s more complicated than ever to manage an estate. We’re here to help you clarify what you have and where it is. We then fill the gaps with our Legacy Framework, ensuring a smooth transition should you choose to retire, become ill or pass away.

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Purpose Driven Advice

Generational Wealth is more than just financial; we want the future generation to inherit a better place to live. We’re focused on helping you plan to care for your people and the planet.


Complete Transparency

A Will is a Will, but every clients cirumstances are unique. As a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers you can rest assured that we work to the highest standards.

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Whole of Life Care

If you just want a Will or Trust, that’s not what we do. We’re here to care and protect our clients, their loved ones, and their assets; now and in the future… whatever it might hold

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A Bit About Vikki…

Hi, I’m Vikki the founder of Legacy Guardians. As you can probably tell I’m not your normal Legacy Planner.

As an accredited landlord and business systems expert, I created Legacy Guardians to help families overcome the stressful and disjointed financial administration associated with a loved one passing away.

After helping my family through this difficult process, I realised that with more documents being switched to digital format it’s not as simple as finding someones “folder of doom” and working through things.

I decided there has to be a better way. One where you can have everything noted quickly and easily with a trusted guardian to take care of everything.

To me that is the ultimate peace of mind, and means you can continue to care for your family when they need it them most.

What you waiting for? Book a call with me today and we can start building your plan together.

Take care,


Getting started is EASY!

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First we like to get a feel for you and an understanding of what you want to achieve. This is a special service reserved for clients who value expert care and guidance.


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Legacy Framework

There are basics we all have to cover to protect our Legacy, including what to do with our digital assets. We walk you through all the steps required filling any gaps as we go.



Live Secure Dashboard

This is not just a tool reserved for death, with your live dashboard you can see your Net Worth at all times. Want to add an asset? See instantly how it will effect inheritance tax etc.


See what our clients have to say…

Less than 4 out of 10 Adults have a Will

But don't worry... we know it's never the right time to sort all that out.
Get in touch to find out more about our specialist legacy framework for ensuring continuous worry-free generational wealth.