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A little about me… Part 3

Fast forward to December 2021, we’ve got two toddlers at nursery, sold our online business, own 14 properties and manage another 3.

Life is manic as usual, but as a family we’re starting to feel settled. So why not mix that up by launching a new business! ?

I had the idea for Legacy Guardians a long time ago realising that, like my Dad, I want to leave a fantastic legacy gift for my family; but needed a way to overcome the burden of the financial administration associated with it.

I had left the idea on the back burner for a few years; however during my time working as a valuer for a local estate agent, I was helping a client with a contentious probate sale and seeing her struggles pushed me to take the plunge, the issue of financial administration after passing was still there, and I knew there had to be something better.

I hope Legacy Guardians will be an amazing service; first of all, helping busy people organise their hard earned assets and upload them to a digital vault, but the heart of the business is going to be our assistance for families receiving their inheritance.

We hope to do that with the care and understanding and have a team who has first hand experience and empathy for the situation they are in. With the ultimate goal of providing the peace of mind for our clients; that they can continue to care for their loved ones when they need it the most.

And here we are! So what actually is Legacy Guardians it you ask? Well read on to find out more…

(and don’t hold me to anything I say as it might change by the time we actually launch! But it will be awesome, I promise ?).

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Legacy Planning can be complicated… time to stop researching and start doing!

Vikki Baptie

NRLA Accredited Landlord and IPW Professional Will Writer

I’m Vikki, the founder of Legacy Guardians. I hope this article was helpful, but I can probably guess that it’s about time that you stopped researching and got on with getting everything in order.

I know how it can be hard juggling everything with 15 properties, 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 Property Business and another couple of trading businesses things like succession and legacy planning usually go on the backburner. (thank goodness for my business & life partner Shaun!)

Take back your time, and gain that all important financial peace of mind by working through my Landlord Legacy Framework.