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We Help Property Investors Navigate Legacy Planning

Don’t leave your family to scramble together your important documents.
We give you the tools, team & systems for a worry free transition of Generational Wealth.

One Point of Contact.

All Bases Covered.

You’ve worked hard to get a cracking Property Portfolio. Now lets finish the job and get it all protected.

What can we help with?

As Property Professionals and Legacy Planners we have first hand experience putting together a robust legacy plan especially for Landlords. So let’s get started:

Need a Will?

2 in 3 don’t have one, so it’s nothing to feel guilty about, we’ll sort it. It’s actually about as complex than getting a mortgage in 2006. (100% mortgage express deal anyone? ?)


Back Up Letting Agent for Landlord Wills

How about a Trust?

Pfft, what a minefield. I thought there had to be a difference in content or quality given the disparity of costs. Nope! They’re all the same! (And yes you can include your rentals)


Family form/ will

Life Insurance?

You’ll need loads of that if you have mortgages… kidding!  No scare mongering here to get a commission, we will evaluate your risk, let you know the craic and it’s your decision.


Landlord Wills - what other things do you need

What about Inheritance Tax?

Shhh… Worry about that when you’re dead. NOPE! Not here, we give you a brilliant calculator that will show us the best way forward to ensure your special ones get all they deserve.


Landlord Wills - what other things do you need

Digital Vault

With 97% of probate administrators needing help from Family with regards to documents and info, it’s more important than ever to have everything in order.


Landlord Wills - what other things do you need

Probate Administration?

A ‘normal’ Estate can take a long time to administer but with additional properties & businesses the complexity could be overwhelming, especially in a time of greif.


We’re not saying it’ll be quick and easy, because you know, who wants to think about their own death for too long. But trust us, with our framework and team of professionals; together we can sort it all.
Just think… within the next 3 months you’ll have that peace of mind knowing your family, tenants and assets are protected.
Once done we recomend you book something to celebrate life… What do you fancy? A Spa Break in Vilamoura or bender in Benidorm? (each to their own right? ?)
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A Bit About Me…

Hi, I’m Vikki the founder of Legacy Guardians. As you can probably tell I’m not your normal Legacy Planner.

As a landlord and business systems expert I created Legacy Guardians to help landlords and their families overcome the stressful and disjointed financial administration associated with a loved one passing away.

After helping my family through this difficult process, I realised that as a property investor there’s more than just my family at risk. All my tenants were also at risk and I had no back up plan should I become ill or pass away.

There has to be a better way. One where you can have everything stored centrally and a trusted guardian takes care of everything.

To me that is the ultimate peace of mind, and means you can continue to care for your family when they need it them most.

What you waiting for? Book a call with me today and we can start building your plan together.

Take care,


Less than 4 out of 10 Homeowners have a Will

But don't worry... we know it's never the right time to sort all that out.
Get in touch to find out more about our specailist landlord wills and framework for ensuring continuous worry-free generational wealth.


It’s all in this video.

What is Legacy Guardians?

Here at Legacy Guardians we’re building a team of Specialist Property Administrators focused on organising Landlords important documents into a Digital Vault; with the ultimate aim of supporting their loved ones through Probate Administration after they pass away.

But more than that, once everything is uploaded we can help keep you organised for the dreaded HMRC tax investigation and hopefully look to give you some help with planning for retirement and inheritance tax.

Red start button with finger over it - illustration

Don’t know where to start?

I can relate, as a busy property investor it’s taken me 10 years and my Dad passing away suddenly for me to focus on getting my own Estate in order.

But you know what, it’s one of those things, once it’s done, it’s done.

I am officially a Will Writer now; but ultimately I’m a Landlord, just like you, and I can appriciate how confusing it can all be when you start out.

From start to finish, it’s taken me around 6 months to get everything together. I’ve had so much conflicting advice, that I decided enough was enough and trained as a professional Willwriter.

I’ve also read the HMRC guides, many “How to Save Inheritance Tax books” and I’ve called everyone to check their actual bereavement processes…

(I even called a few mortgage companies and said I had passed away just to see if it really was “a nightmare” as many insurance specialists will tell you. News Flash… it wasn’t a nightmare at all…)

But hey… you’re a long time dead right? Save yourself all that time and let me show you the way!

Book that call, get it sorted!

Vikki x 

Let’s Do This!

Two people looking at phones with large phone with messages displaying in the background - illustration


I know how daunting all of this can be, it makes it very easy to put it off for another day. Please get in touch now, your families will thank you for it later.

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You can also call us on 0191 500 5373 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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