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Vikki Baptie MIPW

Full Member of the Insitute of professional Will Writers

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A Bit About Me…

Hi, I’m Vikki the founder of Legacy Guardians. As you can probably tell I’m not your normal Legacy Planner.

As an accredited landlord and business systems expert, I created Legacy Guardians to help landlords and their families overcome the stressful and disjointed financial administration associated with a loved one passing away.

After helping my family through this difficult process, I realised that as a property investor there’s more than just my family at risk. All my tenants were also at risk and I had no back up plan should I become ill or pass away.

There has to be a better way. One where you can have everything stored centrally and a trusted guardian takes care of everything.

To me that is the ultimate peace of mind, and means you can continue to care for your family when they need it them most.

What you waiting for? Book a call with me today and we can start building your plan together.

Take care,


Vikki’s Qualifications

With a focus on continuing professional development, you can rest assured that all of my qualifications are up to date.

National Residential Landlords Association – Accredited Landlord

As an accredited landlord there is a minimum requirement of Continuing Professional Development with regards to a person’s duties as a reputable landlord.

With this qualification you can rest assured that you are treating your Property Portfolio as a business and covering all legal obligations.

Institute of Professional Will Writers – Full Member

As a full member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers Vikki has completed the following:

  • Supplied two satisfactory references;
  • Passed a satisfactory criminal records check
  • Passed the Institute’s comprehensive entrance examination
  • Passed all compliance requirements to meet the Trading Standards Level of Service.
  • Holds £2million Professional Indemnity Insurance

DEC Institute – Chartered Digital Asset Analyst – Foundation Course

This course covered:

  • Technical Knowledge of Blockchain and Crypto Currency
  • Business and Economics of Blockchain and Crypto Currency
  • Legal and Regulatory treatment of Crypto Assets

Lasting Power of Attorney Training

This course covered:

  • Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act 2005.
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA).
  • Advanced decisions.
  • Registration of LPAs.
  • Registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA).
  • Revocation of LPAs and EPAs.

Will Writers Guide to Pensions

This course covered:

  • Pensions – types, tax, benefits, scenarios and questions to ask.
  • Protection – types, trusts, tax, benefits, scenarios and questions to ask.
  • What you can and can’t do with a Pension.

Advising the Elderly Training

This course covered:

  • Issues affecting elderly clients.
  • Capacity Care fees – the rules.
  • Mitigating care fees – through writing a Will.
  • Prepaid funeral plans.
  • Drafting tips and example work.

An Introduction to Will Trusts

This course covered:

  • What are Trusts
  • What is the purpose of a Trust
  • How to appoint Trustees.

Will Writers Guide to Pensions

This course covered:

  • Advising clients on the appropriate Trust for their circumstances.
  • The considerations for each type of Trust.
  • Full Discretionary Trusts
  • Life Interest Trusts
  • Right of Occupation (Right to reside) Trust.
  • FLIT’s (Flexible Life Interest Trust).
  • State what a Pilot Trust is and when it may be useful.

Technical: Pension Death Benefits

This course covered:

  • What pension death benefit options are available
  • The difference between lump sums and beneficiaries’ pensions
  • The tax treatment of pension death benefits
  • The distribution processes a scheme may follow when paying death benefits
  • The importance of an expression of wishes
  • Issues scheme members should consider when drafting their EOW
  • Nominee pension options and EOW

Lasting Power of Attorney Training

This course covered:

  • An overview of the full lettings process
  • A guide through each stage of a tenancy
  • All the knowledge required to ensure you have complied with all legal duties.

Advanced Principles of Lettings

Designed specifically for agents, the course covered:

  • The full letting process
  • he legal obligations of the role
  • Practical tips on relationship management
  • Industry best practice.

Inheritance Tax for Landlords

This course covered:

  • Learn the theory behind this tax
  • The importance of early planning
  • How to make use of the reliefs and exemptions available to save money on your family’s eventual tax bill.

The Family Tree – Intergenerational planning

  • Have a better understanding of the intergenerational wealth planning opportunity.
  • Be more confdent explaining the role protection advice will play in helping your intergenerational
    planning with clients.
  • Be able to describe some of the main protection planning opportunities available to clients at
    different life stages.
  • Understand how pension contributions can help save IHT and income tax as well as boost
    retirement savings for the younger generations.
Red start button with finger over it - illustration
Red start button with finger over it - illustration

My Why? My wonderful Dad Kevin…

Back in 2015, Shaun and I were planning our Wedding when we found out that we needed to go through IVF.

And (not that it wasn’t embarrassing) but my Dad drops in on his way home from golfing in St. Andrews to see how we were.

He was just the best Dad you could ask for.

Little did we know a week or so later, at just 56, he’d be gone from our lives forever.

Managing his estate was pretty easy to be fair, his folder of doom was on point!

But a few months later, when the whirlwind of wedding planning and estate management died down, I started to think about how difficult Probate would be for me and Shaun.

With 8 houses (now 15), 2 businesses and no one in our family with a Portfolio we realised we would not only be causing distress for our family, we would also be putting our tenant’s home at risk…

Something we’d worked so hard to create, could be a logistical nightmare.

And the idea of Legacy Guardians was born… 

If like me you want to make sure your family feel protected and cared for, even when you’re no long here – you need a Legacy Guardian.

Book that call, get it sorted!

Vikki x 

Let’s Do This!

Less than 4 out of 10 Homeowners have a Will

But don't worry... we know it's never the right time to sort all that out.
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